Yosh de Vos Yosh de Vos

Freelancer Kubernetes, DevOps, PHP


Programming languages:

  • PHP; Mainly by using Symfony framework and components like API Platform, Sonata and Doctrine
  • Node.js; Small applications that run on frameworks like express.js
  • Javascript / ES6; Worked a lot with React.js but also with Vue.js and Angular.js
  • CSS/SASS; Worked a lot with CSS and SASS but never as a pure front-end developer
  • Go; Started to learn the language
  • Ruby; Basic understanding
  • Python; Basic understanding
  • C/C++; Basic understanding

Programming principles:

  • Monolith and (micro)services architecture
  • Design principles like DRY and KISS
  • Code quality assurance
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Version release strategy
  • Automated tests with phpunit, behat, phpstan and more
  • Communication protocols; Pub/sub, Request/Reply, REST API, JWT, HTTP2
  • Database engines; MariaDB, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, sqlite, redis
  • Caching mechanism; Varnish, SSI, Redis, Opcode